Discovering Marjan Island

Hey, everyone!

Due to my busy schedule last year, I never had the chance to blog about my August holiday so I am sitting here writing a very long overdue post about one of the highlights of my 2016. So as a lover of Dubai, me and my family decided to book a trip to an Emirate, slightly further out of Dubai called Ras Al Khaimah. It was an interesting choice, as I had never heard of this place before but after reading reviews about an island in RAK being predicted to be the next big destination for tourists, we decided to see for ourselves and book a stay at Marjan Island.

The Resort


So my aunt found a fab deal for a 5* resort in Marjan Island which was The DoubleTree by Hilton Resort and Spa. We chose an all-inclusive package also, which was definitely worth doing, and if you choose to stay on this island in a resort, the unlimited food and drink luxury is definitely made use of and saves you a lot of money. So the hotel itself had many facilities including its own private beach, 5 swimming pools, a gym, a spa and a great selection of restaurants and bars. There’s also a lot of stuff for kids to enjoy, like a play area and water sports, which I must say was super fun. But the best thing about the hotel is that you get a free cookie when you check in, or if you’re us, every day as the staff were lovely and always gave them to us. They were warm, chocolate chip, hazelnut cookies and they tasted amazing. The team at the hotel got on with my family so well that they gave us a gift jar of cookies to take home also, which was wonderful service and a lovely gesture.

The rooms were beautiful and spacious, and we were all given villa rooms situated right by the pool area, which was really nice and within great walking distance of all the great spots within the resort. They also had balconies, and due to our villa being on the ground floor, we had a small garden area outside of our room which was really nice. The rooms were also bigger than the ones located inside the hotel so we got quite lucky there (tip: if you stay there, book a villa room). A minor downfall of the resort is that they initially told us that we had to pay extra for wifi, but after my Uncle sweet talked the concierge, they did give us the password which allowed us to use it for free. It wasn’t the best wifi and did cut out a lot, but it was fine, as it’s nice to have a break from phones when on vacation and it doesn’t affect the fact that my review of the resort is very positive.

The restaurants were all very nice. The buffet restaurant featured all kinds of international cuisine, where there would be different themes each day to provide some versatility. The chefs and restaurant staff were so friendly and provided the best service ever, they even allowed us to personally request food that wasn’t on the menu and made dishes especially for us. All of the other restaurants and bars were also great and there is definitely variation within the resort to cater for different appetites, preferences and ages.











Travelling to Dubai

The vacation was obviously not complete without taking a trip to Dubai, my favourite place in the world and from my hotel we hired a personal chauffeur for the day. It was my Uncle’s birthday during our trip so we all went for brunch at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel which was about an hours drive from our resort, which wasn’t too bad. I have stayed at the magnificent Jumeirah Beach hotel twice before, and it is the best hotel with an 100% recommendation from me. It overlooks the Burj Al Arab (7* hotel), and is just the most amazing place with the best facilities. Of course, it’s pricey, but if you’re saving up for a holiday of a lifetime, this hotel is the one. So anyway, we brunched at the Dhow and Anchor which was pricey but has fantastic quality food, in the style of British cuisine with premium gastropub inspiration. Not to mention, the views from this spot were insane!



Would I return to Marjan Island?

Absolutely! I would recommend this resort to families and anybody visiting in a large group, as you make use of the resort environment. Although Dubai is always my number one pick, I would definitely visit this resort or another resort on Marjan Island again with a large group. The rates are cheaper than Dubai, but the luxury and service quality is still five-star. I predict that Ras Al Khaimah will become a much more populated place in the forthcoming years due to ongoing construction within the area and more people becoming aware of it, and of course, it’s not too far from Dubai or other Emirates either so you can always travel and take day trips.

Thanks for reading, I have provided links below if you would like to find out more!

Double Tree by Hilton Resort and Spa Marjan Island: Click

Jumeirah Beach Hotel: Click

Dhow and Anchor: Click

What are your most recent/favourite holiday destinations? Share these below!


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Happy New Year!

a9a16e11a3d167f7554d7bcdc0591259Hey everyone,

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year! I feel like this post is very relevant as I have been off the radar for a while now due to graduating, getting a new job after University and experiencing lots of exciting life changes in general, but I am definitely making it my mission to blog regularly in 2017.

In terms of new years resolutions, I am just making it my mission to live this year for myself and do what makes me happy, whilst continuously striving to keep achieving my goals and to better myself as a person, as well as in my career. As a lover of quotes, I have included some of my favourite words of wisdom to take into account this New Year.





What did everybody get up to over the festive period? Do you have any New Years resolutions? Comment yours below! 


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Monthly Inspiration- May Edition

These past few months have been very challenging for me, which is why I have not been able to post much recently. I complete my degree in 2 days, so this months inspiration is really about finding myself, anticipating the next path that I choose to take on my journey, and ultimately envisioning my dream life. Hope you enjoy!














Thanks for reading… Stay inspired!


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Create a better you

At the start of spring, I wrote an article for a friends magazine.  The article is based on creating a better you,  by adopting a series of healthy habits to stay positive and reach your full potential in life. I would like to share this article with you all, as I feel that many of you will be able to benefit from it. These habits have worked for me, improving my mindset and positivity, so I hope you enjoy!

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 16.26.52

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 16.26.52 2

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A new Instagram for the Blog!!

Say yes to new adventures. . .

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far.

I wanted to share the fact that I have created a new Instagram for this blog, which is now separate from my personal IG account that I usually link to my blog posts. These forthcoming months are going to be very busy for me, especially when it comes to University work, so having an Instagram just for the blog means that I can still engage with you all. As a relatively new blogger it is exciting that I have been able to meet such wonderful people and discover your blogs too, so this new Instagram is really a step in the right direction in building up my blogger platform. I am so grateful to everyone who likes/comments on my posts and follows me, your support is wonderful and I love supporting you all too.

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Missguided Haul- 50% Off

If you live in the UK, many of you may be aware of the day where Missguided BROKE the internet. . yeah literally they broke it. As a result of their cray cray 50% off everything sale, the day consisted of me constantly trying to get onto the Missguided website with it crashing every 10 seconds, before I eventually got lucky and was finally able to make a purchase. Of course, for a shopaholic like myself it doesn’t take much to tempt me, but the fact that one of my favourite online stores was offering 50% off was certainly something I could not miss out on.

My purchases: (Click on the images for links)


I am loving lace ups at the moment


The cropped scuba sweat


This lace up split side top is effortless


I adore the sheer detailing on this cropped jumper


A suede khaki skirt that is perfect for dressing up or opting for casual wear


I always need a go to black skirt, so these suede minis fit so well in my closet


I absolutely love Missguided clothes, they are so on trend and I always end up seeing so many items that I like which makes me want to just spend all day long. Recently I have just been living in sweats, so as you can see I have opted for some stylish sweat tops which can also be dressed up, even perhaps paired with one of my suede mini skirts.

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Monthly Inspiration- March Edition

As the months pass by, it is important to stay grounded and remember the goals you are striving for. For me, words and images play a huge part in allowing me to find inspiration and determine the direction I want to head in life. Each month I have decided to document the images that inspire me the most, ones that I find on social media and allow me to stay on track and remain positive. I hope you enjoy my first monthly inspiration post and feel as inspired as I do. I look forward to sharing these with you all!






2013 Shay Cochrane








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Glossybox- March Review

After receiving my first Glossybox last month (see the post here), I was really impressed with the starter pack, so I decided to continue my subscription for this months ‘Get Glowing‘ edition.


What’s in my box?

Luxie 504 Large Angled Brush [Full Size]: RRP £10.42

This vegan, synthetic brush is super soft and pretty, so I was very pleased to see it included in this months box. I love rose gold and have a lot of rose gold brushes, so the Luxie is a perfect addition to my collection. The brush picks up a lot of product and no doubt will become one of my go-to highlight brushes.

417 Catharsis Vitamin Mineral Shampoo and Conditioner [Sample Size]: RRP £16.89 each

I love trying out new shampoo and conditioners because replenishing and protecting my hair is a priority. The packaging on these minis is cute too, and I like the fact that they have sent us the duo as opposed to just sending one or the other. After testing out these products, my first reaction is that the smell is nice and pure and they do soften my hair, but I guess most conditioners do that. I will need to try them out more to fully get a feel for whether they work, but if they do and I purchase the full size bottle I will certainly let you know.

Hey Honey ‘Good Morning’ Facial Serum [Sample Size]: RRP £28.81

I am a bit sceptical about using this product because I need to be careful with the products that I use on my face. Reviews also state that it’s good for dry skin, but I have oily skin so I am not sure how good it will be for me even though it is catered for ‘all skin types’. The sample is also ridiculously tiny so it won’t last for very long.

Olay Regenerist Luminous Skin Tone Perfecting Cream [Sample Size]: RRP £29.99

Personally, this sample is also tiny so I am not sure how much of a difference this cream will make to my skin whilst using the sample, but I am open to trying it. I always like to try new creams which help perfect your skin tone, however I already use La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Duo and it is amazing, so I doubt I will be changing to Olay anytime soon. If this cream does work wonders though, I will certainly let you know.

So Susan Light Diffuser [Sample Size]: RRP £14.00

Whilst the packaging is pretty, the bronzer looks pretty awful. I tried to swatch it and there was no colour payoff whatsoever, just fallout! The highlight may add a slight shimmer to your face, but nothing magical as far as pigmentation is concerned. The sample is also quite small, making it hard to use with full sized brushes without having to squeeze them. This product smells of cocoa so some of you chocolate lovers might like that, but I find it a bit sickly. I tried to look for more reviews online to give me a bit more insight into this product but failed to find many at all.

Am I pleased with my box?

I hate to be negative but not really! Whilst I can’t really complain because for the price paid, the products received are still good value for money, but I guess I just expected to receive better quality products with some brands being more high end. Due to the box being tailored around glow and highlight, I expected a better highlight also. I am really happy with the brush so I don’t regret purchasing the box, but I will be cancelling my subscription for a while and looking into new beauty boxes to test out next.

Does anybody have any advice on which box I can try out next? Did you receive a March Glossybox? Do leave a comment! 


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Makeup Storage Ideas

When it comes to storing makeup, we all know how cluttered and messy it can get when you find yourself constantly purchasing new products. After much anticipation, I finally decided to go out and buy some makeup storage and sort out my makeup once and for all. I think a lot of people have misconceptions that storage is going to cost a lot, but when you shop in the right places and create a few storage hacks, your storage will look super pretty without breaking the bank.


Essential Acrylic Drawers-
 In my opinion, acrylic drawers are an essential part of makeup storage because you can store your favourite palettes and most used products in there without the risk of misplacing them. It is such a tidy way of storing makeup and it’s weirdly satisfying putting your products back neatly in a drawer. A lot of online stores sell these, but personally I prefer to see storage in person to see the actual size of it. Also, delivery charge can be rather expensive for online, so I bought my acrylic drawers and pots from Muji. Their makeup storage is reasonably priced and they have a wide range to choose from, so if you don’t like risking online shopping for storage, Muji is great. They do deals and discounts in there quite often also, so I managed to get mine for 10% off.

A cheaper alternative is to buy storage from IKEA. IKEA sell some great things for such affordable prices, so if you are looking to spend a little more on storage this can be a great place for you. You can buy a lot of storage boxes for half the price of Muji’s acrylic storage, including drawers with multiple compartments to allow yourself to section your products. My mom recently bought a drawer with compartments, which you can also remove and use separately (I stole a compartment from her, the one in my picture with lipsticks/lip liners in). Also, many of you have probably heard of the SKURAR candle holders for £2, which you can see are storing my brushes. IKEA sell a few different lace effect designs for you to choose from, and for the price you really can’t go wrong with these pretty little things.



Storage hack- Have you ever received a pretty gift box? Of course you can use it! As you can see, the floral box is a great addition to my makeup storage, and it was given to me by one of my friends as a gift box. I think she purchased the box from Paperchase, which is known for selling the prettiest items. I use it to store my Urban Decay Moondust Shadow Palette so it is just perfect. If any of you lovely readers order from Beauty Bay, you can opt for a free gift box which comes with your products and it’s great for storing palettes, highlighters or any other products. Essentially, you can see where I’m going with this, you can use Glossyboxes, Birchboxes, or any other boxes that fit well in a drawer. Boxes just make finding and splitting up makeup/skin care so much easier.

Just because it’s not called ‘Makeup Storage’, doesn’t mean you can’t use it

A lot of Home stores sell a lot of products which may have a purpose of being a kitchen/ living room item, but when looking at them you can discover a different use for them, for example: candle holders, mugs, decorative plates or even small vases! Just because it is not makeup storage, does not mean you can’t save money and purchase something which would act as great storage!

Have any of you lovely readers bought makeup storage lately? Do you have any good storage hacks? Do leave a comment! 


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Morphe 35T Palette Review

35 beautiful colours. . one palette. . no you are not dreaming, this is reality. 

I received the Morphe 35T palette as a birthday gift last month, and I have been obsessed with it ever since. As a lover of taupe/rose brown eye makeup, this palette is perfect for me because the colours are such lovely tones, ranging from neutral nudes and plummy shades, to metallic copper. The palette consists of both matte and glitter shades, which are nice and buttery and easy to blend. The pigmentation is good, not the best that you will find but still good nonetheless. I find that the glittery shades have much better pigmentation than the matte shades, but they are all buildable and blendable so your eye makeup game will be strong for sure. In terms of lasting throughout the day, when using Morphe shadows on my eyes I have found them to be very long lasting (I recommend priming eyes first though). The Morphe packaging is also really nice, simple and striking, which looks great in makeup storage. IMG_1208.PNGFor the price of £18.25 on Beauty Bay, this palette is a complete bargain, as well as a dream! Don’t be fooled by the price, these shadows are way better than drugstore ones in my opinion. I am so glad that I own it because I love all of the colours, and they blend perfectly so I definitely recommend owning a Morphe Palette to anyone. Sometimes buying pre-made palettes can be quite difficult because you don’t tend to love each shade, but in this palette I would certainly use every single shade. Depending on which colours are your favourite, Morphe do a range of Palettes to suit your needs. If the fact that you get 35 shades doesn’t tempt you, I don’t know what will.


My taupe look.


A few swatches (35 colours will take forever)

Does anybody else own a Morphe Palette? What do you think? Leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts!


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